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What is the Condo Group?

Posted on Nov 16, 2012 in Mortgage Market Updates and News

In 2005, there were over 1000 Realtors, and they were split into two categories: Commercial and Residential. There were dozens of styles of residential properties, and the condo market was beginning to explode. Builders couldn't build condos fast enough to keep up with the demand for the newly popular style of living, and condo construction began eclipsing house construction for the first time in history. The demand for condos was through the roof. People were treating condo sales the same as they treated house sales, even though the differences between condos and houses was (and is) massive. Some uneducated errors were costing tens of thousands of dollars.

And that is when The Condo Group was formed.

The differences between condos and houses are endless. Strata plans, lease holds, co-ops, parking issues, common property, limited common property, strata councils, bylaws, rules, annual general meetings, special meetings, quorums, not to mention engineers reports, faulty construction, and the dreaded "leaky" condos. We dedicate our careers to condos, we know the ins and outs of condos and all they encompass!

The Condo Group is completely dedicated to Condo sales. Because of this, we have helped our clients buy and sell in over 150 different buildings in Victoria, and we aren't slowing down. We have reviewed the strata documents for over 300 different buildings, we eat, sleep, and breathe condos. We know the buildings in Victoria inside and out, are on a first name basis with most property managers, and know far more about each building's strengths and weaknesses than one could ever expect of an agent. What this translates to, is our unique ability to protect our clients from making big mistakes, and to equip them with the all the tools to ensure maximum profitability.

We are a team of dedicated condo professionals that approach real estate with a fresh attitude of shear perfection. We are here not only to make sure our clients buy or sell their condos in the most profitable way possible, we are here to smash expectations and create the most comfortable and efficient real estate experience that you could imagine.


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